Shunsuke Narisawa

Social Entrepreneur
Chairman of FDA

Shunsuke Narisawa was born in Saga Prefecture in 1985 with retinal pigmentary degeneration, an incurable disease that gradually degrades eyesight. In his university years, the sense of isolation and despair from the visual impairment made him withdraw from the society for two years. Once he overcame, he built his career by working as an intern at a management consulting firm, before going independent in 2009.

In December 2011, he became the secretary general of FDA (Future Dream Achievement), a nonprofit organization that assists job seeking and creates job opportunities for those who has difficulties in the regular employment. He focuses on their “strengths” and endeavors to create a better working environment for both the employers and the employees.

His sales copy is the “world’s merriest blind guy”. Being concerned with the employment issue for the handicapped, being a specialist in the field of welfare, and being the manager of his organization at the same time, he bustles about night and day.

Since August 2016, he serves as the chairman of FDA.

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