Mayu Shono

Parallel worker
President, Hapikira Factory Corporation / Sony Corporation

Mayu Shono was born in 1991. She practices a parallel career (having several jobs), using the trendy policy of the companies under the “Working Reform” to accept the employees’ side businesses. While she is a full-time employee in Sony Corporation, at the same time, she is the president of Hapikira Factory Corporation, which she established in her university days.

Balancing among several favorite jobs, she says, the experiences gained from a job can be applied to the others to produce multiple effects.

She promotes a new living and working style, in which people can pursue their dreams other than their main job.

She is also a member of “Association for Creating New Projects through Having Side Businesses” in the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, and a policy advisor for Teshio town, Hokkaido.

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