Yuta Deai

Baseball Human Resources support specialist
Representative of Hokkaido Baseball Academy

Lives in Furano in Hokkaido.
17 years old, he was a baseball junkie. He always wanted to be a member of JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) since he read the article about one of the members of JOCV teaching baseball.
He was assigned to Burkina Faso in Africa for two years from 2008. He foundered the NGO called Association of Supporting Burkina Faso Baseball in order to help young men who want to be a pro baseball player. In 2013, he invited amateur to Japan and produced some players with the club in Shikoku Island league. Furthermore, he foundered Hokkaido Baseball Academy in September, 2016.
He imparts the importance of challenge to people through his activities that expanding the baseball player’s possibilities.

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