Yukio Kitsukawa

Media Producer / Representative of Digital Media Research Ltd.

When he was studying literature in the university, he went to a rock concert and was fascinated by the phenomenon where performers and spectators got together, and collaborated to make their show. That experience inspired him to come up with the idea of creating a participatory media. In 1972, when he was in the university, he founded a music posting magazine “Rocking On”. In 1978, he published a posting magazine “Pop-Up,”in which anybody could post an article and published in this magazine. He realized interactive communication through the paper media, in a way readers can reply to the other reader’s posts. He developed a system identical to today’s SNS and created the foundation for an interactive media.
Since 2013, he is hosting the social festival known as “Future Festival.”
He is also well known for writing two books called “Age of Killing Time” (Heibonsha) and “Age of Rocking On” (Akihonbun).

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