Reia Kuronuma

High school student artist
Third year student in Sapporo Odori High School

When she was a junior high school student, she felt how difficult it was to live the school life and refused to go to school.
While wondering how to cherish her life and personality, she got the inspiration by watching Mr. Yuzuru Hanyu’s performances. She began to think that she could impress people by writing cartoons.
In 2017, she won the contest of Shueisha “Margaret”.
Currently, she is aiming for professional debut with the cooperation of publishers.
Furthermore, she works on expanding her possibilities everyday through her experiences in making a movie in Canada by the study abroad support campaign “Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN” developed mainly by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the management of Sapporo municipal high school presentation tournament.

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