Sachiko Asanome

Representative director of Baramanda Co., Ltd.
Administration officer of NPO tetote

From Sorachi Sub-prefecture of Hokkaido and she moved from place to place due to her parents’ job within Sorachi District in her childhood. Ms.Sachiko Asanome largely went with the flow and her life led her to become a kindergarten teacher, a kimono dressing instructor and a dental assistant.
In 1995, she somehow applied for a welfare volunteer position for Sapporo Snow Festival, which was the start of her career and she came to realize and find much of interest in “intriguing welfare” by seizing the same society through different points of view.And then, she has been involved in “Welfare volunteer house for Sapporo Snow Festival” by being concerned with Mobility Support Services.
She is mainly engaged in home care support furthermore in-home care, and employment support so that challenged people can live life their own way. In addition to that she works for dispatching caregivers, consulting for travelers, caregiving technical assistance and training, and conducting collaborative projects among agriculture, welfare, and sightseeing.
Moreover, she works as a part-time instructor of the chair of caregiving techniques and welfare at Hokkaido University, Hokkaido Information University, and the Social Welfare Councils and so on. Meeting NSCISA, “Nepal Spinal Cord Injury Sports Association,” through her Nepal Travel, she has strengthened cross-cultural exchanges. Since the earthquake hit Nepal in April in 2015, she has started up a project for establishing a caregiver dispatching support services in Kathmandu.

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