Chisa Tsubota

Graphic Designer・Choreographer

Ms.Chisa Tsubota started jazz dance and ballet in her childhood and joined the theater company ‘I’M’ in 2001.

After making appearance on various stages in Hokkaido, she took part in a nationwide tour of ‘HIMIKO’ as one of the main casts.

In 2008, she enrolled in the Broadway Dance Center-in New York and acquired dance styles in jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, tap, ballet, hip hop as well as singing while making appearances on many dance shows and stages.

After returning home, in 2010, she directed, choreographed and played the leading role in an original production by ‘I’M’, “Tsukifune no Miko Monogatari”: The story of Priestess on the Moon Ship, for Art Appreciation Day at Sapopro Odori High School. In the same year, she took part in many other stages including Anne of Green Gables sponsored by S.T. Corporation. On June 2013, she obtained a coaching license from Japan Cheer Dance Association (JCDA), and became a JCDA certified instructor in 2014. Currently, she is a computer graphic designer as well as the Chief Executive Officer at LUFT Co., Ltd. and actively participating many local events.

Her local contributions include directing stage events, making event appearance, organizing flash mob at weddings, choreographing for YOSAKOI, making artist bookings, and holding workshops, as well as being a contracted choreographer.

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