Kazutaka Muraguchi

Venture capitalist Nippon Technology Venture Partners (NTVP)

Mr. Kazutaka Muraguchi was born in Kaifu-gun, Tokushima Prefecture in 1958.
Directing Shakespeare plays in a club when studying in Keio University opened his eyes to the possibiities of building something from scratch if he could devote himself for half a year. As that experience became his foundation as a company employee, he made advanced achievements in investing start-up companies such as Ain Pharmaciez Inc.(Pharmacy), Japan Care Service Corporation(first listed nursing company), Broccoli Co., Ltd.(first listed entertainment-related company).
In 1998, Mr. Muraguchi established the first Investment Limited Partnership run by individuals in Japan, where he succeeded in investing DeNA(BayStars), Infoteria Corporation, Water Direct Corporation, Awa Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Experian Japan Co., Ltd., JapanCableCast inc., and etc. Now, his interest goes to IoT, robots, cpypto-currency, and so forth.
Further, Mr. Muraguchi carries out “Youth Entrepreneurship Program” in Chiba City, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Incorporated, Keio University, Seikei University, Kyushu University, Fukuoka University, Yokohama City University,Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin, Ikubunkan Yume Gakuen, Kaifu High School, and so on while he has been serving as a lecturer at Keio Business School since 2007.
With his belief that “Japan in the 21st century should be where unique, independent, individual, and nameless young entrepreneurs challenge frontier business of the unknown future from scratch as a job maker,” he insists on changes of preconceived ideas.
Mr. Muraguchi is also known as an advocate of “Furusato(Hometown) Tax,” which allows taxpayers to allocate parts of their taxes for other municipality. His latest book is “私は、こんな人になら、金を出す!(I Want to Invest Money for a Man Like This!)” (Kodansha).

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