TEDxSapporo 2016 スピーカー発表


We are thrilled to announce our full speaker line-up for TEDx Sapporo 2016 “Relay your story” which will be held on Sunday July 3rd.
We’ve gathered an incredible array of speakers for this year again, who are truly representing what TED stands for – Technology Entertainment Design.

Speaker line up (Speaker Information)
Detailed information of the speakers will be posted on our website soon.

Kaori Kuribayashi-Shigetomi (Cell Origami Technology Researcher)
Bruce Gutlove (Winemaker)
Sachiko Asanome (Welfare Activist)
Satoshi Nakajima (Computer Engineer)
Masayo Takahashi (Ophthalmologist, Retinal Regenerative Medicine Researcher )
Hideto Fujino (Fund Manager)
Chisa Tsubota (Graphic Designer・Choreographer)
* Titles omitted, names are in the order of pictures published on the website

With the speakers’ areas of expertise, you can also relate yourself to them through stories of how they were guided towards their specialized areas, how their skills are contributed to our daily lives and etc. You can surely expect amazingly interesting stories.
Don’t you wonder what kinds of stories have been written on their book of life before they mastered their specialty and what they envision for the future?
Come and join us to find out the answers at TEDx Sapporo 2016 on Sunday July 3rd.

We would like to welcome you all to come and listen to their real life stories at our conference. An overview of the event and the guidelines for the event participants will be posted on our website as well as Facebook soon so stay tuned!

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