Tsutomu Uematsu

President at Uematsu Electoric Co., Ltd.

Tsutomu Uematsu has been fascinated by space since his childhood. He learned fluid mechanics in the university and joined a company designing aircraft in Nagoya. In 1994, he came back to Hokkaido and joined Uematsu Elecetoric Co, managed by his father, Kiyoshi Uematsu. He developed and produced electric magnet used for removing and selecting iron from industrial waste.

Ten years later, his encounter with Prof. Nagata, a researcher of Camui Rocket in Graduate School of Hokkaido University, promised him to give a full support to the rocket research with his love of space. Since then, he has been contributed to four research projects: ‘rocket developments,’ ‘experiments on microgravity,’ which creates the zero-gravity environment like space, ‘developments of a miniaturized satellite,’ and ‘cooperative projects with American private space development corporations.’

His main accomplishments are the research and the launch of the artificial satellite “HIT-SAT,” experimental launch of Camui Rocket (reaching 3,500 meter altitude), the cooperative experimental launch with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), a start-up of ARC project, and etc. In 2012, he achieved to reach 7,400 meter altitude on the experimental launch of Camui Rocket 500p.

Tsutomu Uematsu lectures the importance of broadening possibilities of human activity at companies and schools nationwide. He also dedicates himself to give dreams to young generation by organizing activities such as creating space camps to let children learn about space in a fun way.

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