On the 1st of September 2013, the first TEDxCinema event in Japan will be held in Sapporo. TEDxSapporoCinema invites TED and TEDxSapporo fans to come together to watch TEDTalks. We will also make TEDxSapporo 2013 videos public to participants before uploading to TEDx Channel on TED and Youtube. TEDxSapporoCinema features TED talks on theatre and do not feature live speakers. This is a great event for networking though we haven’t scheduled reception. Attendees are limited 60 people. Please don’t forget to bring your name cards. We look forward to see you again. Tickets are 2500 JPY which will include a giftbag. Venue: Cross X Garden, Inter X Cross Creative Center (ICC) 1-1, Higashisapporo 5-1, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 003-0005 Registration Starts at 13:00 PM, Event will start from 13:30 PM and ends at 16:30 PM. Get Tickets


TEDxSapporo 2013


We are pleased to announce TEDxSapporo 2013 in Sapporo City, JAPAN Theme: Creating Possibility “The difference between who are you and what you want to be is what you do. We can never change things unless breaking the existing reality. To create something, we need to build a new model that makes the existing things obsolete.” About the Conference: TEDxSapporo 2013 will be held from 13:30PM to 21:30PM on the 14th of July. There are two venues for the Conference. The Live Talk sessions will be held at following address: Hokusho University, Porto Hall 1-1, South 1 West 22, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, 064-0801 Registration Starts: 12:30 PM Conference will start from 13:30 PM and ends at 18:00 PM. Reception will be held at the following address: Cross X Garden, Inter X Cross Creative Center (ICC) 1-12, Toyohira 1-12, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 062-0901 Reception will start from 19:30PM and ends at 21:30PM Participating at TEDxSapporo 2013




Do you want to be a part of TEDxSapporo 2013? We are seeking creative minded individuals to join our support team to make the 2013 TEDxSapporo Conference a mind blowing one. If this excites you please mail to us with your full name, email address and the reason you applied at The gathering will be on the middle of March 2013 on Saturday evening however the application will close on 28th of February 2013, Exact time and location will be sent to your email address as the applications closes. Anyone can apply to join the event but we prefer you are confident in speaking conversational Japanese, admire Japanese customs and your body says that you are young. We look forward to your applications.


TEDxSapporoSalon Vol.6 ‘未来へつなげる’


Opening TEDxSapporo was held at Intercross Creative Center on January 2013 with the theme : Connecting to the Future. It was snowing heavily outside, but 100 audience members came here with feverish excitement. It started with opening talk by Dilip BK Sunar who is the founder/organizer of TEDxSapporo at the beautiful stage. The stage was decorated by students at Hokusho University, who are young and bright. This is all about “Connecting the Future”. Then, this Salon was divided into 2 sessions. “TAWOO” The beating of Taiko(Japanese drums) boomed, chants to the music attracted us even more. It was TAWOO which gave an opening performance. TAWOO is the taiko group from Sapporo which gives the performance over the world. They warmed us up in cold winter with their splendid music and great energies. Some of members are little girls who are no more than 10 years old. They gave us an impression that they will connect TAWOO sounds to the Future. SESSION 1: RELEASE IDEAS AND WONDER “You can be a TEDster” Akira Kondo “Why do I watch TED?”, Akira Kondo who is a TED blogger started his presentation with the reason he watches TED. He has introduced TED videos on…