TEDxSapporo is seeking translation volunteers ( English to Japanese & vice versa).

TEDxSapporo mission of ideas worth spreading from Sapporo to World is an officially licensed initiative of TED Conference. Our conferences gives TED like experience at our community and the ideas are shared in the form of online talks via uploading on YouTube and TED official website.

We are seeking translation volunteers who can contribute their time/ skill to share the ideas of our city to international audience. TEDxSapporo is committed to represent Hokkaido and Sapporo as an International city of ideas, creativity and innovation. Volunteering with this project will  contribute the TEDxSapporo vision and also represent ideas and thoughts happening in our region at global stage. 

About TEDxSapporo


Translate talks of our past speakers

Method :

Instead of working from home, the volunteers will gather 3/4 times a month for a workshop sparking fun/ creative discussion during translation . All  works will be done online ( on your own PC) with guidelines from TEDxSapporo Team. 

Place :

Meetings will be held around Sapporo City in the following areas

・Sapporo L Plaza,  2 min walk from  North exit of  JR Sapporo station

・Inter x Cross Creative Center, 5 min walk from Higashi Sapporo subway station

Number of Volunteers needed:  10


・The person is fluency in English both written and conversation.

・Have knowledge of grammar and idiomatic expressions.

・For Japanese nationals TOEIC certification is not required but level of  TOEIC 640 points is required for smooth translation work.

・For native speakers Japanese proficiency certification is not required but level of reading and writing should be coherent conversations, news reports, and lectures, spoken at natural speed in a broad variety of settings, and is able to follow their ideas and comprehend their contents comprehensively.

・The person can join workshop 3 to 4 times a month at scheduled date/time.

・The person has own laptop  and  basic computer skills

Application deadline/ Selection: 

Please send an email with your info,  details and interest to the email address ( by 25th of February 2014. With the decision and mutual agreement  of  TEDxSapporo Team you will be notified by email.