Tetsuya Kaida


Born in Gifu Prefecture and graduated from University of Tokyo, Tetsuya Kaida worked for Toyota for nearly 30 years in several divisions, including service, marketing development and product planning. Among his many accomplishments, in 2002 Kaida embarked upon restructuring global Motor Shows by using concept cars and innovative space design. Two years later he created “Today for Tomorrow” as a technology development philosophy for application within and outside the company.

The “Today for Tomorrow” principle was based upon enabling human interaction under the theme of “tomorrow may bring a greater encounter, so that we may become kinder, healthier, safer and surrounded by even more excitement, more beauty and more enjoyment than today.” In 2007, Kaida created the Business Revolution Corporate Value Project Department, with the task of starting a full-scale reconsideration of corporate value creation for Toyota. He was also head of the announcement of the new concept cars Toyota 1/X, Toyota RIN and Toyota i-REAL. In 2012 Tetsuya Kaida resigned from Toyota Motor Corporation and established his own company ‘ Kaze Creative’.

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