World YoYo Champion/ Performing Artist/ TED 2013 Speaker

BLACK is a world Yo-Yo champion, performer and a traveler of extraordinary passion and determination.

Although he was not dexterous enough and hated sports while in school, his efforts in mastering yo-yo finally paid off and he reached the world’s top. In spite of being a world champion, however, nothing really changed and he continued to live a normal life as a university student.After graduation, while he was working in a company he noticed that he had lost his passion for yo-yo. He decided to quit his job and start working as a free performer. Thanks to many people’s support, he became a world champion again and even passed an audition for Cirque du Soleil.

BLACK’s stories of passion and effort were noticed and he was invited as a Japan’s representative to give a presentation and performance during TED Conference 2013 in the USA.BLACK continues performing around the world, speaking at TED conferences and giving presentations in order to share knowledge he has earned from his experiences.

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