Patrick Newell

Learning Activist, Vision Navigator, TEDxTokyo Founder

As an educator for the past 20 years, Patrick has navigated change and enhanced learning environments in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Russia, Africa and North America. He focuses on developing collaborative models in Technology, Learning, Board Governance, Accreditation, and Design, Entrepreneurial mindedness and the concept of Parents as the Primary Educators.

Patrick is the Co-founder of Tokyo International School (serves 300 students from 50 nationalities), which is often referred to as a 21st Century Model School. He also recently completed a documentary filmed in 10 countries based on aligning 21st Century Learning with 21st Century Learners called 21:21 as part of the 21 Foundation he founded in 2010.

Patrick is also the Co-founder of TEDxTokyo (premier Japanese & global community that shares ideas to change the world), Living Dreams (an NPO that empowers and enriches the lives of over 3,000 orphans in Japan), and IMPACT Japan (an Innovators Movement with channels Passion, Action & Collaboration for Tomorrow).

He spends a growing portion of his time speaking and as a creative consultant collaboratively creating new ideas and emerging ways of sharing these ideas with governments, organizations and schools.

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