TEDxSapporo 2015 追加募集(30名限定)を開始いたします!


We have received many applications for TEDxSapporo 2015. Thank you very much! For those who have been elected, we have sent you an e-mail on purchasing the ticket. Please check and follow the procedures to purchase it. Considering the public favor, we decided to offer additional registration for 30 limited seats. If you missed the last registration or hesitated to participate, please make use of this opportunity to register! This is going to be the final registration, so hurry up and apply for TEDxSapporo 2015! We have also put the introductions of how to enjoy the conference on the TEDxSapporo official site and Facebook, so please check it out. Since the free invitation quota for high school students has been filled, we are closing the registration. Thank you very much for all the applications. We hope that participating in this conference will be one of the opportunities to make the future of young generation like you more rich and fruitful. Ending of additional registration: 0:00 a.m. on July 12th (Sun.) Application form:


TEDxSapporoWomen 2015 スピーカー決定!


TEDxSapporoWomen 2015 will take place on Saturday, May 30, at the Interxcross Creative Center. The upcoming event consists of two parts: a video viewing session that is delivered from TEDWomen 2015 held in Monterey and a live speech session given by women speakers in Japanese who are actively working in Hokkaido. We are happy to annouce the two local speakers who will be on stage in this session! One is Ms. Motoko Yamada who has been working as a TV director. she was a director of the TV program, “Going with Ishii-chan!” which features universal design as theme. Since it had been broadcasted every Thursday for 13 years, there might be many people who have watched it. This program allowed her to interview a large number of people. What kind of idea has she gotten through the interaction with people she interviewed? Another speaker is Ms. Kumiko Hayasaka, a chairperson of Cobalt Cross Kamuy-mintar, a non-profit organization. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake hit in 2011, she has been engaged to reconstruction assistance activities. In order to solve the various problems in the affected areas, it is necessary to put yourself in the other person’s shoes with a broader view….