TEDxYouth@Sapporo 2019

Yoshihiro Abe

yo-yo performer

Yoshihiro Abe is currently a student at Sapporo Sosei High School.
After breaking his arm in the second year of elementary school, Abe discovered yo-yo as a hobby which could be done with one arm during his injury. Since then, he has become a competitive yo-yo player. He was the champion of the North Japan YoYo contest division 5A throughout 2013〜2018, 3rd place in the 2013 Japan National YoYo Contest division 5A, Champion of the Asia Pacific YoYo Championship division 5A throughout 2017〜2018 and 3rd place in the World YoYo Contest 2018 division 5A.

Shion Araya

yo-yo performer

Shion Araya is currently a student at Sapporo Nanyo High School.
He When he was 10 years old, he started yo-yo
Araya started playing yo-yo at the age of 10 for fun, after seeing his friend playing.
He is the champion of Japan YoYo Competition 2017-2018, Asia Champion of 2016-2017, and World Champion of 2016-2017.

Eru Akazawa

fashion directer

Eru directs fashion brand “LEBECCA boutique”, a select shop which proposes its’ concept as “Fashion and style that was loved by many, and will be loved by many even longer.”
She creates clothes with original stories and names, and she write them on her SNS by script.
Because of the empathy her stories create, her items sell out as soon as they are released. Having both web stores and physical stores, she has caught the attention of many, mainly young people. Through various experiences, her mission came to be “Create clothes cherished by those who want to cherish clothes”. She actively works in many areas for her mission..

Saki Okada

Founder of "AEDi"

After her grandfather ‘s cardiac arrest, she began to strongly think “I want to save the lives of those who die of cardiac arrest.” This lead her to learn about AED ( Automatic Electronic Defribillators) that are available to the public which can work for cardiac arrest. But she faced the reality where AED were only used correctly by 4.7%.
For AED to be used more effectively, she invented “AEDi” which delivers AED in times of need and when its’ locations are unknown. She demonstrated experiments with administration companies to show the effectiveness of the plan.
In her second year of high school, she was awarded the “Education Minister’s award” in Japan High School Students MY PROJECT AWARD 2016. She is currently a student at Keio Gijuku University.

Keiichi Suzuki

President of Sapporo Keihoku high school

Born in 1960 in Rumoi, Suzuki worked in various public high schools as a commerce teacher from 1985. Suzuki was appointed to one of the starting members of Sapporo Odori High School, later on became the Vice Principle and eventually the Principal of the institution. Through his various experiences, he started to question what “meaningful learning” is. Based on his “dark age” during childhood, Suzuki now cogitates on “Relationship Education Studies” which grasps education through the relations of society and people.