TEDxSapporoSalon Vol.6

Akira Kondo

TED blogger

TED blogger and self-employed housekeeper. Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from Mississippi State University. Twelve years working experience in food industries. Seven years struggling with Japanese bar exam. Four months practicing experience as a judicial scrivener(currently not registered). Came across TED conference in the magazine and started to watch TED online. Blogging “TED-no-susume (Recommendations for TED)” for English learners. Seeking for the better ways to learn English through TED.com. and to spread the ideas of TED all over Japan.


Kenichiro Sasaki

Director of general coordination and planning, Solaputi Kids' Camp.

Born in Miyazaki. After graduate school, worked in landscape planning consultant from 2001. While in the project of planning barrier-free park, he realized the fact “there are children with serious illnesses who cannot come to the park.”

In 2004, joined “Group to Establish Solaputi Kids’ Camp” organized by the pediatricians and park-planning specialists and devoted to build a private camp with medical care. With offered 16 ha place from Takikawa city in Hokkaido, he started to live in Hokkaido in 2007.

“Group to Establish Solaputi Kids’ Camp” has developed from general incorporated foundation to public interest incorporated foundation in 2010, with success of 700 million yen donation in 7 years and with building facilities of stay, dining and bath room and medical care unit. In Summer 2012, the camp with medical care for children with illness has come into, as the first project in Asia.

He and Solaputi Kids’ Camp have realized to invite children with serious or life threatening illnesses such as cancer freely. Children enjoyed riding horses or playing in forests with the support of the camp and he also played with kids, called “Ken-san” from them.

Almost of the operation and building cost of the camp are covered by donation in this Japan, where the donation culture is not usual compared to West countries. He has strong will toward it with “I want to change Japanese donation culture.” The change is now getting realized, such as the official support from Tokyo Marathon. He dreams to invite children to the camp from all over Asia.


Atsuyoshi Saisyo

Social Entreprenuer

Student at Waseda University. Social entrepreneur, who is trying to reform education systems in developing countries.At the age of 19, he became the first Japanese coordinator of GCC, research laboratory of Grameen Bank.He is currently spreading innovation across five continents with his friends, his journey actually began in Bangladesh. Following his “Breaking the Wall” philosophy, he introduced a teaching method that uses DVDs in an attempt to reform one of the least developed education systems Asia. He is not merely patching up gaps in the education system, but is spreading the importance of “believing in one’s ability.” The goal of his project is to “break” and to “create a sustainable system.” Currently, he is working in Gaza, Israel, where he is trying to provide adequate education to children who have learning difficulties.


Patrick Newell

Learning Activist, Vision Navigator, TEDxTokyo Founder

As an educator for the past 20 years, Patrick has navigated change and enhanced learning environments in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Russia, Africa and North America. He focuses on developing collaborative models in Technology, Learning, Board Governance, Accreditation, and Design, Entrepreneurial mindedness and the concept of Parents as the Primary Educators.

Patrick is the Co-founder of Tokyo International School (serves 300 students from 50 nationalities), which is often referred to as a 21st Century Model School. He also recently completed a documentary filmed in 10 countries based on aligning 21st Century Learning with 21st Century Learners called 21:21 as part of the 21 Foundation he founded in 2010.

Patrick is also the Co-founder of TEDxTokyo (premier Japanese & global community that shares ideas to change the world), Living Dreams (an NPO that empowers and enriches the lives of over 3,000 orphans in Japan), and IMPACT Japan (an Innovators Movement with channels Passion, Action & Collaboration for Tomorrow).

He spends a growing portion of his time speaking and as a creative consultant collaboratively creating new ideas and emerging ways of sharing these ideas with governments, organizations and schools.

Tokyo International School

21 Foundation

Impact Japan


Living Dreams


Taiko Group ' TAWOO'

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Angela Reynolds


Born to a Japanese mother and British father, Angela started modelling in Tokyo at the age of 14. During her 7 years living and working in London, she was highly stimulated by experiences and encounters through yoga, travel, and terminal cancer. Back in her hometown of Tokyo since 2006, she has been expanding her activities into writing, jewellery design, public speaking and volunteer work. She continues to look to her daily yoga practice to provide a backbone for her search as a person and as an artist.