Motoko Yamada

Freelance TV director / writer

In 1994, Motoko Yamada was placed in the NHK Sapporo announcement department after working as a magazine editor. In 1995, she started covering elderly welfare as a “welfare reporter” in central Hokkaido district, which was founded by the NHK Public Welfare Organization (later, expanded its range to disability welfare and etc.).
In 1999, she moved from NHK Sapporo Broadcasting to UHB Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting and planned a mini-program in hope to get people more engaged to welfare activities.
Since her proposal was adopted, she had been in charge of the production of “Ishii Chan Going!” (later, “Going With Ishii Chan”) for 13 years (from April 2001 to March 2014). The weekly PR program for universal design was broadcast on TV 689 times in total. Thanks to Masako Ishii, a friendly and funny female reporter with unique personality, the program was evaluated as an “unprecedented welfare program.”
She is qualified as a second level of Welfare Living Environment Coordinator and is also acting as a business presentation instructor who passes on know-how to convey information more shortly and simply.

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