TEDxSapporo 2015


The speaker lineup of TEDxSapporo 2015 Conference, scheduled on Sun. 19 July, is now available.

Today, TED talks are used as a learning material not only at university but also in high school. Further, rather than for teaching English, it has been utilized for study of presentation.
This year, we have prepared free 30 seats to welcome high school students at the conference.
Our hope is that TEDxSapporo 2015 will inspire those high school students and that they try to be a speaker or organize a TEDx event, and then Sapporo will have more people filled with energy.
*You are allowed to attend only the conference sessions. Attendance at the reception is not permitted.
*Please bring your student ID card with you on the day of the event.
*You will be required to answer a questionnaire.


Beyond the Border

This year, we will have seven speakers with diverse backgrounds on the stage who have an idea that will allow you to overcome barriers, whether they are found in culture, perspective, the people and situations around you, or even those found deep within yourself.
We are hoping that our conference will become a place where you will be able to recognize the diversity around you, realize invisible barriors hidden in every day lives, or find an idea that make you go “beyond the border,” or new ideas are discovered.


Yukie Kimura

Kazutaka Muraguchi

Hajime Ishimizu

Chiori Ito

Toshiyuki Nakagaki

ToyToy (Motoi Ogawa)

Sam Furukawa

Event Information


Sun July 19th 2015
2016 Time
Venue open:10:00 Opening:13:00
Hokusho University Northern Regions Academic Information Center PORTO
1-1, S1 W22, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
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Adults: 6,000yen Students: 4,000yen

Reception party

Venue open:18:30 Opening:19:00
00 Venue
ANA Hotel Sapporo
2-9, N3 W1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
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※The fee includes participation to the Conference and Reception Party (where you can communicate with speakers and other participants).


TEDxSapporo 2015 has finished.