Representative Director of Farmnote Holdings Inc

Born in 1979 in Obihiro, Hokkaido. After graduating from National Institute of Technology Asahikawa, majoring in Mechanic Technology department, he joined Mechanical Parts Trading Company. He was incharge of Extending business of precision machinery, Factory Automation department.He established the company named SKYARK system LLC in 2004. The company changed the name SKYARK Ltd in 2012. He contributed to prevail the System of CMS, the system of vlog and SNS in the company a lot. He aimed to complete “Creating the brains of the world’s agriculture”.That’s why he also established other companies ;Farmnote Inc in 2013, Farmnote Holdings Inc in 2016. He was selected one of the 100 members who was the most influential people in Japan. He got the prize of NIKKEI Achievement most notable Award. 17th Nippon Innovators Award ;NIKKEI Business Raise Award. He won the 5th Nippon Agricultural Venture Award ;Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fish Award. He received the 8th Manufacturing Award ;Prime Minister’s Award in 2020.

TEDxSapporo Youth 2023

Yusuke OHARA