TEDxSapporoWomen2016 Conference

The TEDWomen2016 Conference is planned to take place in San Francisco for 3 days from October 26 to October 28. In parallel, TEDxSapporo will be hosting TEDxSapporoWomen 2016.


Event information:

TEDxSapporoWomen2016 is a live viewing event of the TEDWomen2016 Conference. You can view the event before it is distributed online at TED.com, and enjoy the live atmosphere unlike the edited TEDtalks.

The speeches are in English, but do not worry. A translated version will be prepared by the TEDxSapporo Translators. Even if you are not confident with English, you will be able to watch the show. If you miss listening to the contents, the Translators will be there to support you. Feel free to talk with any of the Translators during break hours or the reception party after the show.

Male participants are welcome too!

Although the title says “Women”, men are welcome to attend. The themes of the speeches are about the actions and success of women, and not just an event for women to gather. Take this chance to learn about the women success stories and how men corporate with them around the world.

Non-designated Seats

We will prepare chairs for viewing, but they will not be fixed. Feel free to move them within the hall where you feel most comfortable. Front row seats or in the back of the room relaxed, feel free to sit anywhere you like!
Couches are available by the entrance, feel free to relax there during the breaks.
– Please be considerate to others.
– Please understand that the couches are far from the screen, and there may be difficulty viewing it.

Enjoy beverages and relax during the show

Beverages will be provided such as soft drinks and beer, COD.
Relax and enjoy the show with a drink in one hand.

Did you know?

At the TED events, you can enjoy viewing the live shows in cozy couches with cushions and drinks. It might not be the same as the live shows, but we will try hard to give you a taste of the atmosphere.

Event Overview

Date: October 29 (Sat), 2016
Time: Venue opens at 15:30, Sessions 16:00-18:40, Reception party 18:40-
Venue: InterCross Creative Center (ICC)
5-1-1-1, Higashi Sapporo, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo
Capacity: Maximum 30 persons
Entrance fee: Free of charge (except food and drinks)
How to register:
Click the link below for registration.
Deadline: October 28 (Fri) 17:00, 2016
*Registration may be closed when the capacity is reached, even before the deadline date.

Important Notice

– All speeches are in English.
– Feel free to move your chairs around, but do respect others.
– Please refrain from moving during a speech.
– Drinks are available in cash-on-delivery (COD) basis.
– In the reception party, drinks are available in cash-on-delivery (COD) basis as well.
– Alcohols are on sale too, but underage drinking is prohibited.
– As for food, only light snacks are provided.
– In the reception party, light meals are provided.


15:30 Venue opens
16:00 Opening session
16:10 Introduction to TEDxSapporoWomen2016
16:20 Session 1: TEDWomen2016 live viewing
17:20 Break
17:40 Session 2: TEDWomen2016 live viewing, TED Talk viewing
18:30 Closing session
18:40 Reception party
20:10 End of event

About the speakers

The details and profiles of the speakers that we will watch at this event will be announced soon on TEDxSapporo Official Facebook page. Don’t miss it!

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