TEDxSapporo is seeking translation volunteers ( English to Japanese & vice versa). TEDxSapporo mission of ideas worth spreading from Sapporo to World is an officially licensed initiative of TED Conference. Our conferences gives TED like experience at our community and the ideas are shared in the form of online talks via uploading on YouTube and TED official website. We are seeking translation volunteers who can contribute their time/ skill to share the ideas of our city to international audience. TEDxSapporo is committed to represent Hokkaido and Sapporo as an International city of ideas, creativity and innovation. Volunteering with this project will  contribute the TEDxSapporo vision and also represent ideas and thoughts happening in our region at global stage.  About TEDxSapporo Works: Translate talks of our past speakers Method : Instead of working from home, the volunteers will gather 3/4 times a month for a workshop sparking fun/ creative discussion during translation . All  works will be done online ( on your own PC) with guidelines from TEDxSapporo Team.  Place : Meetings will be held around Sapporo City in the following areas ・Sapporo L Plaza,  2 min walk from  North exit of  JR Sapporo station ・Inter x Cross Creative Center, 5 min walk from Higashi Sapporo subway station Number of Volunteers needed:…


TEDxSapporo 2014 開催決定


As we are going through the coldest season of 2014 here in Hokkaido, we are exciTED to heat you up with the most waited conference in our region. TEDxSapporo 2014 will be held in July with the theme, ‘ You and I’. Thank-You so much from our whole team. Together with your support, we gave a blast on the history of TEDxSapporo last year. TEDxSapporo 2013 brought people and ideas from nationwide in our city sparking the hottest discussions of the year. And this year we are ready to bring you the same experience with extra ordinary minds so that we can challenge ourselves to shape the future of Hokkaido. The concept ‘ You and I’ represents the basic human connections to collide and to spark ideas which will lead to communities and possibly the world. We will be announcing the list of speakers as we approach to the conference, and we will keep you updated. For now, it’s time to make a TEDxSapporo noise!!!




On the 1st of September 2013, the first TEDxCinema event in Japan will be held in Sapporo. TEDxSapporoCinema invites TED and TEDxSapporo fans to come together to watch TEDTalks. We will also make TEDxSapporo 2013 videos public to participants before uploading to TEDx Channel on TED and Youtube. TEDxSapporoCinema features TED talks on theatre and do not feature live speakers. This is a great event for networking though we haven’t scheduled reception. Attendees are limited 60 people. Please don’t forget to bring your name cards. We look forward to see you again. Tickets are 2500 JPY which will include a giftbag. Venue: Cross X Garden, Inter X Cross Creative Center (ICC) 1-1, Higashisapporo 5-1, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 003-0005 Registration Starts at 13:00 PM, Event will start from 13:30 PM and ends at 16:30 PM. Get Tickets


TEDxSapporo 2013


We are pleased to announce TEDxSapporo 2013 in Sapporo City, JAPAN Theme: Creating Possibility “The difference between who are you and what you want to be is what you do. We can never change things unless breaking the existing reality. To create something, we need to build a new model that makes the existing things obsolete.” About the Conference: TEDxSapporo 2013 will be held from 13:30PM to 21:30PM on the 14th of July. There are two venues for the Conference. The Live Talk sessions will be held at following address: Hokusho University, Porto Hall 1-1, South 1 West 22, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, 064-0801 Registration Starts: 12:30 PM Conference will start from 13:30 PM and ends at 18:00 PM. Reception will be held at the following address: Cross X Garden, Inter X Cross Creative Center (ICC) 1-12, Toyohira 1-12, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 062-0901 Reception will start from 19:30PM and ends at 21:30PM Participating at TEDxSapporo 2013