TEDxSapporo 2014 カンファレンス開催に先駆けて、TED勉強会を開催します。 スタッフのおすすめ動画を鑑賞したあと、参加者で動画についての感想やアイデアなどを語り合いましょう。 TEDをまだあまりよく知らないという方には、TEDの活動内容を詳しく知っていただく機会に。すでにTEDの動画をいろいろ見ている方にとっては、ただ動画を見るだけではなく、それについて意見交換をすることでさらにアイデアを広げる楽しさを感じてもらえたらと思っています。 TED Talkとその後の座談会を楽しむという気持ちで、お気軽に足をお運びください。 参加費は無料です。 開催要項 日にち:2014年5月15日(木) 時間:19:30〜20:30 会場:Cross X Garden インタークロス・クリエイティブ・センター(ICC) 〒003-0005 札幌市白石区東札幌5条1丁目1-1 札幌産業振興センター1階 参加費:無料 参加お申し込み Facebookアカウントをお持ちの場合: お申し込みは、Facebookのイベントページから「参加する」をクリックしてください。 【第一回】TED勉強会 Facebookアカウントをお持ちでない場合: 宛てに、以下の内容のメールをお送りください。 件名:【第一回】TED勉強会参加申し込み 内容:お名前、連絡先メールアドレス ※折り返しメールをお送りすることがございます。 携帯電話のメールアドレスで、フィルタ設定などをしている場合、 のメールを受信できるよう設定をお願いします。 申込締切:2014年5月13日(火) 事前お申し込みなしに当日直接会場にお越しいただくこともできますが、座席数の手配の都合上、あらかじめお申し込みいただけますようお願いいたします。


TEDxSapporo 2014 カンファレンス 開催要項決定!


Yes!! Here we are to announce you the date and venue for the most waited conference in our region. We will be throwing out another TEDx conference in Sapporo City in two months time.  TEDxSapporo 2014 will be held at following venues, date and times. TEDxSapporo 2014 Conference Theme:「YOU and I」 Date:July 13th 2014, Sunday Conference Venue: Hokusho University, PORTO HALL ( CORE PARTNER ) 1-1, South1 West 22, Chuo Ward, Sapporo City, 060-0801 Door Opens:10:00 Starts:13:00 Starting 10 AM, TEDxSapporo 2014 invites participants to ‘ GET KNOW’ session to watch TED talks and network with other participant  as we are holding the 2014 conference theme with ‘ You and I’. Our vision with this year theme/conference is to network with new friends and collide with ideas and spark conversation with the person next to you. We highly recommend you to be a part of this session. The speakers program will shortly follow after lunch from 13:00 Reception Venue: ANA Hotel Sapporo 1-2-9, North 3 West 1, Chuo Ward, Sapporo City, 060-0003 Door Opens 18:30 Starts:19:00 Speakers We have listed 7 amazing speakers with worth spreading ideas from our region. Each speakers will share their ideas, experience, story and knowledge with the theme ‘…




TEDxSapporo is seeking translation volunteers ( English to Japanese & vice versa). TEDxSapporo mission of ideas worth spreading from Sapporo to World is an officially licensed initiative of TED Conference. Our conferences gives TED like experience at our community and the ideas are shared in the form of online talks via uploading on YouTube and TED official website. We are seeking translation volunteers who can contribute their time/ skill to share the ideas of our city to international audience. TEDxSapporo is committed to represent Hokkaido and Sapporo as an International city of ideas, creativity and innovation. Volunteering with this project will  contribute the TEDxSapporo vision and also represent ideas and thoughts happening in our region at global stage.  About TEDxSapporo Works: Translate talks of our past speakers Method : Instead of working from home, the volunteers will gather 3/4 times a month for a workshop sparking fun/ creative discussion during translation . All  works will be done online ( on your own PC) with guidelines from TEDxSapporo Team.  Place : Meetings will be held around Sapporo City in the following areas ・Sapporo L Plaza,  2 min walk from  North exit of  JR Sapporo station ・Inter x Cross Creative Center, 5 min walk from Higashi Sapporo subway station Number of Volunteers needed:…


TEDxSapporo 2014 開催決定


As we are going through the coldest season of 2014 here in Hokkaido, we are exciTED to heat you up with the most waited conference in our region. TEDxSapporo 2014 will be held in July with the theme, ‘ You and I’. Thank-You so much from our whole team. Together with your support, we gave a blast on the history of TEDxSapporo last year. TEDxSapporo 2013 brought people and ideas from nationwide in our city sparking the hottest discussions of the year. And this year we are ready to bring you the same experience with extra ordinary minds so that we can challenge ourselves to shape the future of Hokkaido. The concept ‘ You and I’ represents the basic human connections to collide and to spark ideas which will lead to communities and possibly the world. We will be announcing the list of speakers as we approach to the conference, and we will keep you updated. For now, it’s time to make a TEDxSapporo noise!!!